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How to build a stronger brand with eCommerce analytical tools, Part I

As a brand owner selling through online retail websites like Tesco, Amazon and Walmart, now more than ever do you need retail...

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5 Sales Optimisation tactics to grow your digital shelf sales


The skill sets of commercial managers in the consumer packaged good (CPG) industry have to evolve fast to align with ...

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Tags: eCommerce strategy, Key Account Management, Brand Management

The importance of customer experience to grow retail brand performance online


The surge in grocery demand combined with supermarket accessibility restrictions has made shoppers turn to the convenience...

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Product Update: Availability for better range reporting online

As a company dedicated to supporting growth driven CPG brands with actionable, easy to understand ecommerce insights and...

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How to adjust your ecommerce strategy for the new normal online retail landscape


If brands and retailers have learned anything from the present-day challenges, it would be that things at times take...

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