Walmart drive online grocery with Super Bowl LIV TV Ad

By Scott Ferguson

Walmart continued its online grocery focus at this year’s Super
Bowl with another advert emphasising their online grocery offering. Focused again
on their buy online collect in store service. Cementing the increasing role
ecommerce plays for Walmart. For brands this confirms the need to adopt and
adapt to the changing retail landscape.

This is the first time Walmart have taken up a Super Bowl ad slot and confirms the continued focus and significance Walmart places on their e-commerce business. The Super Bowl Ad "Famous Visitors" follows up their earlier video campaign in Jan 2019 that brought to life famous movie cars racing to pick up their online shopping.

As visually appealing and nostalgic the ads may be they are serving one clear purpose brands need to recognise. Walmart’s eCommerce business has seen a 41% increase in sales in the past quarter. As a significant area of growth Walmart are stepping out and positioning themselves as the place to shop online through simplicity and convenience for shoppers. Brands need the eCommerce tools and analytics data to support understanding how to target and boost brand visibility during this period of growth.

Eliminating online barriers to consumer shopping

Taking a play out of Amazon’s book, online retailers are
realising that the key to changing buying habits and competing across online
shopping needs to focus on removing barriers. Offering solutions that
compliment and make the purchase experience simple and non-intrusive. To date
Amazon have been the most effective online grocery retailer in delivering a
cohesive and connected purchase experience. With Amazon Fresh, customers can
buy without delivery costs, get the convenience of a 2-hour delivery, Easy
Reorder and Alexa integration.

As more brands range across Amazon’s Prime fresh and pantry
offerings, major retailers such as Walmart are looking for ways to complete to
protect their market share and see growth. For brand owners this represents
further opportunity to understand and shape their online offering.

Online grocery shopping is becoming the norm

More than 2/3 of American shoppers have bought online and picked up in store.

This number looks set to grow becoming a more consistent and normalised buying behaviour. As younger more digitally connected consumers look to shop online brands need to understand where their product is being ranged and how digitally effective, they are across the digital shelf.

The physical and online store is a partnership for

Even with a 41% growth in e-commerce Walmart won’t be shutting up their brick and mortar stores and switching to become an online only retailer. They know that each channel must work in tandem to cater for all their customers. This is why Walmart’s Famous Visitors Ad at the Super Bowl showcased how both channels work in partnership whilst delivering out of this world connivence for their customers.

“We’re excited to show tens of millions of viewers who tune into
the Big Game how our Pickup service can reinvent their shopping experience and
add much-needed time back into their day. It’s truly out-of-this-world
convenient.” Janey Whiteside, EVP and Walmart Chief Customer Officer.

CFO Brett Biggs at Walmart labelled online shopping as a "Meaningful
contributor to overall e-commerce growth". With major retailers making it
easier for consumers to choose online shopping for their weekly or impulse
grocery needs, brands need to move to placing ecommerce as a critical focus in
their category strategy.

The need to understand your online brand health.

Decades of in store optimisation and shelf space strategies are just as relevant online. For brands looking to understand, act and measure online optimisation across their key retailers the need for retailer data and insights is now business critical.

The nature of online shopping creates the need to know as quickly as possible what is impacting your online category performance. With online CPG sales set to double in the next 5 years. Sourcing and understanding your product performance across multiple retailers can be extremely time consuming and labour intensive.  

With solutions such as our e.fundamentals retail platform, FMCG brands can visualise retail insight data in a manner that allows brand, sales and commercial teams to make decisions that directly impact sales and profitability across your category. Helping you to shape your strategy, implement and measure the success vs your brands competitors.

Learn more about the data analytics that can support your brand online with  e.fundamentals offering here.

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