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The Marketer's Guide to Banner Display Advertising in Online Grocery

If you’re a brand marketer or eCommerce manager and you’re not yet thinking about banner display advertising for grocery...

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Tags: eCommerce strategy, Brand Management

Amazon Prime Day 2020: 4 things CPGs must get right

We now know Prime Day takes place 13th to 14th October; Prime members can access deals from midnight Pacific Times or 3am...

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Tags: eCommerce strategy

How to build a winning position in online retail

As brands and retailers across the world grapple with changes to their business due to the pandemic, one thing is clear: the...

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Tags: eCommerce strategy

What Is Digital Shelf Analytics? How Data Provides Retail Insights

What Is Digital Shelf Analytics?

Digital shelf analytics (DSA) is a forward-thinking alternative to the manual compilation of...

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Tags: eCommerce strategy, Key Account Management, Brand Management

e.fundamentals fuels North American growth with leadership additions

World-leading digital shelf analytics provider e.fundamentals announces the appointment of two high-calibre additions to its...

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Tags: eCommerce strategy, Press

How to Develop a Digital Commerce Strategy

Do you give an equal amount of time to your digital shelf and physical retail performance?

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